Fleet & Onsite Fueling Delivery Area
Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, San Diego CountyAlexis Oil’s Fleet & Onsite fuel delivery service benefits your bottom-line. Reduce your labor costs of fueling your own fleet. We operate twenty-four hours a day 7 days per week to keep your fleet running.

Whether your company has a few pieces of construction equipment or a large fleet of trucks, we can cater to your on-site fueling schedule and meet your needs. Alexis Oil will go to your yard or jobsite and hand-fill each piece of equipment.

Standard Benefits of our Fleet Fueling Services Are…

Bar-coded Digital Fueling System
24/7 Fueling Services
NO Delivery Minimums
Highly trained HAZMAT Certified Drivers
Fleet & On-Site Fueling is a service designed to save you time and money.
By fueling at your location and during off-use hours, On-Site Fueling provides substantial customer benefits such as:
Reducing Operating Costs and Increase Labor Productivity
Fleet operators are able to reduce operating costs and lower payroll hours by eliminating the need for their employees to fuel vehicles either on-site or at local retail stations and other third party operated facilities. Overnight fueling prepares fleet vehicles for operation at the beginning of each workday and increases labor productivity by allowing employees to use their vehicles during time that would otherwise be spent fueling; while maximizing vehicle use since fueling is conducted during non-operating hours.
Providing Centralized Inventory Control and Management
Our fuel management system provides fleet operators with a single management data source. Web-based comprehensive reports detail, among other things, the location, description, fuel type and daily and weekly fuel consumption of each vehicle or piece of equipment that we fuel. This eliminates customers’ need to invest working capital to carry fuel supplies and allows customers to centralize fuel inventory controls as well as track and analyze vehicle movements and fuel consumption for management and fuel tax reporting purposes.

Eliminating Expenses and Liabilities of On-site Storage. Fleet operators who previously satisfied their fuel requirements using on-site storage tanks can eliminate the capital and costs relating to installing, equipping and maintaining fuel storage and dispensing facilities, including the cost and price volatility associated with fuel inventories; complying with complex and restrictive environmental government regulations; and carrying increasingly expensive insurance.

Preventing Fuel Theft. Fleet operators relying on employees to fuel vehicles, whether on or off-site, often experience shrinkage of fuel inventories or excess fuel purchases due to employee fraud. Our fuel management system prevents this risk by dispensing fuel only to authorized vehicles. We utilize a digital monitoring system on all of our Fleet fueling trucks so that the customer is ensured they are receiving the gallons they pay for.

Providing Emergency Fuel Supplies and Security. Emergency preparedness, including assured fuel availability, is critical to the operation of governmental agencies, utilities, delivery services and numerous other fleet operators. We provide access to emergency fuel supplies at times and locations required by our customers, allowing them to react more quickly and effectively to emergency situations, such as severe weather conditions and related disasters.

Fueling at your location can be convenient and reliable. No amount is too small. We have no delivery minimums!

As an Alexis Oil customer you’ll enjoy a number of additional benefits including:

Portable On-Site Fuel Storage Tanks – We also provide Portable Storage tanks for customers who need just a little extra fuel onsite for out of town trucks. These tanks are delivered to the customer’s job-site, repositioned as required, maintained and re-supplied on a scheduled or as needed basis.

Alexis Environmental Services – In case of an emergency our sister company Alexis Environmental is available 24/7 to clean up and properly dispose of any hazardous waste that may occur on a customer facility.