Pacific Pride Cardlock Fueling

Alexis Oil Company has a Pacific Pride Cardlock fueling station location at 219 Glider Circle, Corona, CA 92880. We accept: Comdata, WEX, TCH, VOYAGER, Fleet One, T-Check, and EFS.

Conveniently located near the 91 Freeway. Cardlock Fueling through Pacific Pride is an economical and convenient way to track your fuel usage. Our state-of-the-art billing and easily accessible sites make Pacific Pride the wave of the future in a company’s fueling needs.

Why Frequent Fuelers Choose Pacific Pride

Pacific Pride Commercial Fueling System offers you convenient access to a controllable source of fuel on a credit basis…from a single source. Whether you operate one truck, several service vans, or a fleet of cars, you’re among the select group we call “Frequent Fuelers”.

Pacific Pride’s fueling stations are clean, modern, and well lighted, and they’re open 24/7; which means no time is lost searching for fuel on weekends, or off hours. Your drivers have easy in and out access. There are seldom any lines, because we serve only our commercial customers – our “Frequent Fuelers”.

How Frequent Fuelers Fill Up

Every driver or vehicle in your fleet is issued a network access card encoded with billing and security numbers, product access and information specific to the individual customer. It’s like an ATM card. You insert the card and enter the purchase information into the system. Then you simply select the grade of fuel you want. All stations have at least three kinds, including diesel.

You can also use your card to purchase motor oil. Auxiliary supplies include air, water and window cleaning equipment. At some locations, scales and truck washing equipment are available.