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Alexis Oil

Helping companies find fleet-wide oil, fuel and diesel fuel tank solutions, through high-quality products, efficient delivery and powerful customer service solutions.

Alexis Oil Company is proud to be the top provider of fuel, lubricant and fleet fueling systems in the Southern California area. Our potential delivery range extends from the Inland Empire near Los Angeles, all the way to Arizona, Nevada and Northern California.

Here at Alexis Oil, we’re committed to providing the highest-quality products and fuel delivery services.


Alexis Oil Company is a proud provider of a variety of fleet fuel solutions. These include fleet and on-site fueling, fuel storage tanks, diesel exhaust fluid and our Pacific Pride Cardlock Fueling partners. Whatever your fueling needs, Alexis Oil is here to provide the answer!

Fleet And On-Site Fueling

Alexis Oil offers fleet and on-site fueling services to its clients, with fast, easy delivery to 5 major Southern California counties. Our fleet fueling systems reach the Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernadino and San Diego counties. We provide 24/7 service, with no delivery minimums and same-day delivery available.

All the drivers for our on-site fleet fuel services are highly trained and HAZMAT certified, using bar-coded digital fueling system to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

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Fuel Storage Tanks

Alexis Oil will have your fuel storage tank available within 48 hours of your order. Every fuel tank owned by Alexis Oil meets s Fire Department, the EPA and AQMD, and SPPC regulation standard.

We offer six different tank designs, ranging from 500 to 4,500 gallons in size. Each of our diesel fuel tank deliveries comes outfitted for a range of accessories to suit your specific applications. These accessories can include things like wireless fuel monitors, extended hosing or generator plumbing.

We also provide smaller lube oil tanks, for storing whatever lubricant oil that you need.

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Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Alexis Oil offers industry-leading diesel exhaust fluid for our clients. This fuel is available in drums, totes, and cases, as well as tote kits and accompanying disposing equipment. This fluid is designed to accompany our fleet fueling systems. Implemented properly, these fluids can help improve your fuel economy, and keep your truck meeting the 2010 tailpipe standard requirements.

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Pacific Pride Cardlock Fueling

Our partnership with Pacific Pride and their conveniently central location in Corona, CA has allowed us to provide a one-stop fuel spot for any driver in need of high-quality fuel or lubricant. This fleet fuel solution can provide you with the credit-controlled central location. The location caters to both single drivers and full fleets, and prides itself in being modern, clean, and well-lit, with 24-hour service.

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In addition to our fuel delivery services and fleet fueling systems, Alexis Oil offers high-grade lubricants from top nationwide providers.

We offer industry-leading lubricants from Chevron and Mobil, as well as food-grade lubricants from JAX. These lubricants are available in bulk, or in consumer-friendly packages for personal use or redistribution.


Our primary lubricant provider is Chevron, a company with a worldwide reputation for reliability and quality. We stand behind our Chevron partner, offering discounted prices on their high-quality lubricants, best suited for diesel engines and large vehicles.

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Mobil is a top provider of industrial-grade lubricants, available in containers as small as 1 quart. Every Mobil lubricant product is backed by their guarantee of excellence, and reinforced by Alexis Oil’s commitment to quality.

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JAX provides food-grade lubricants for packaging and transporting food and beverages of all kinds. It is Alexis Oil’s first recommendation for any food-grade lubricant usage. The lubricant provided by JAX ranges for motors of all types, including chains and cables, as well as compressors. It is available in drums, barrels and totes.

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